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ComMed is a non-profit community-based emergency medical response service

Operating in the Roodepoort and surroundings, our aim is to provide life-saving services to those in need, to those who do not have access to private services, to those who need an emergency medical intervention or simply need support! Our services are free of charge, and we are supported through generous donations of individuals and orginisations who believe in what we do.

The only thing larger than our love for life is our passion for what we do. As our motto says, "All passion, non-profit!"

About ComMed

ComMed Team

ComMed comprises a group of passionate, dedicated volunteer medics, operating in the Florida, Roodepoort, Strubens Valley, Randburg, Bosmont and surrounding areas. We are first responders, dedicated to good patient care and to making a difference.

We treat anyone who needs our help, and we do this all at no cost. Many of our patients cannot afford the level of treatment many of us have grown accustomed to, often resulting in tragic outcomes. This is where ComMed makes a difference!

ComMed plays a crucial role in the community, where we bridge the gap between patient and government or private emergency service.

ComMed Vehicles

We're often on a scene where our aim is to provide support and emergency medical interventions, buying you time until an ambulance or more advanced care arrives for further treatment and transport to a hospital.

We work closely with both government and private emergency services, the difference being we are self funded and ask nothing in return. We will gladly give our time, our resources and our skills to ensure one more person gets the level of care they deserve.

Some days all that's needed is to hold a hand or comfort a family member. Other days every second counts to save a life.

ComMed Vehicles

ComMed is comprised solely of volunteers! We have several registered Health Care Professionals, First responders and a full time Trauma Councillor.

While our team hails from many different walks of life, what binds us all together is our passion for what we do and the belief that we can make a difference.

Whether you have fallen off your bicycle, broken a bone, been in a motor vehicle accident, suffered a heart attack or are struggling to breath, ComMed is here to help, regardless of whether you are on medical aid or not.

We will dispatch personnel to you while liasing with government or private services in the background should an ambulance or more advanced medical care be required. We'll provide stabillising emergency medical services and provide access to an on-scene Trauma Councillor if needed.

The ComMed Directors

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Make a difference

ComMed Team

ComMed exists and can make a difference because of the donations we receive from communities, orginisations and from people like you. The number of people in need in our communities grows every day, especially given the current economic climate and the tough circumstances many find themselves in. Every donation makes a difference in somebody else's life, through enabling us to procure emergency equipment and consumables such as bandages, IV drips, life-saving drugs, oxygen, fuel for our vehicles, communications equipment and many other important items. Our time is freely given and every donation we receive goes directly to saving lives and supporting those who need our help.

You to can make a difference!

If you as an individual or a company would like to be part of helping make a difference, please consider donation or as a company pledging a monthly contribution to the ComMed NPO. While you may never meet the individual whose life you've touched, you have their gratitude and appreciation - and you have ours!

See our banking details below - and share our message. We need your help and in return we'll be there for those who need our help!

Bank: FNB
Account Name: ComMed
Account Number: 63006828959

Our Sponsors

SB Security
Olympus Protection Services
Child Wise
Little Eagles
Community Support Services
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Events and Functions

ComMed Fundraiser - COMING SOON

Scroll down for more information regarding our fundraiser

ComMed Fundraiser

Thank You!

The ComMed team would like to thank each and every one of our donars, friends, colleagues, ex-patients and supporters for joining us at our first major fundraiser at the Silver Star Barnyard theatre.

The day was a huge success, only due to your ongoing support of ComMed and the services we deliver and while you often don't get to see the impact of your support first-hand, please know that it makes a difference to lives and provides a shining light at the end of the tunnel for many! Your contribution and support counts and it changes lives!

With love - Nate, Ruan, Carla, Shelly, Craig, Ethan O, Monica, Charney, Ethan C, Denver, Annemarie, Divan, Stanton, Samantha, Gavin, Flippie, Shaadie, Sihle, Bronwyn, Belinda, Anne and Neil.

All passion - Non profit!

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+27 78 772 2528


Randburg, Gauteng, South Africa

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Mon-Sun, 24 hours

All Passion Non Profit

ComMed is a non-profit community-based emergency medical response service

NPO Number: 251-216 NPO

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